Descriptive Essay About Trail Riding

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Do you ever have a dream where you’re falling, and it feels so real that your body wakes you up? Well this was not a dream. I was falling, and there was no bed for me to wake up in.
Growing up I was always around horses. My mom got into horses as a teenager, and they never left her heart. The minute I was born I was put up in the saddle. Where most families would bond by going swimming, hiking, or to watch a movie, my family bonded by going horseback riding. (Or as we call it, trail riding.) The first horse I remember riding was a beautiful mare (girl horse) named Angel. She was a sweet old white quarter horse who took care of everyone who rode her. I went on many trail rides with her and when she passed away I learned at the early age of six that people’s deaths aren’t the only deaths we morn. Eventually I moved on and started riding a new horse whose name was Tanka.
Tanka was a stubborn and sassy sorrel mare. I really didn’t ride her on my own because she probably would’ve taken advantage of me being a beginner. Since I couldn’t ride her on my own my sister Lisa usually rode along on Tanka while I sat behind the saddle, holding on to the edge of it for dear life. One cloudy mid September day my mom decided we should go on a trail ride. Since we didn’t have enough horses for everyone who wanted to come on the ride, my mom came up with a plan.
She planned that me, Lisa, and my mom’s friend Lori should ride down the road to meet my mom and her other friends at their house

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