Descriptive Essay About Valdada

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The sizzling city of Valdada is located in present day Orlando through Fort Lauderdale. Our city was first introduced to the country in 2067 by a man named Saul Matthew. Some of the problems Saul Matthew’s and Valdada had to overcome were the zoning and tax laws that the US government put in place. Shortly after the creation of Valdada people came to live some of which were retired high, medium, and low wealth. Young, old, and retired people. The location of Valdada is located by a ocean. People in our city are able to get a nice tan and relax by the beach in the very sunny environment. For fun the people of Valdada go to the water park and the arcade. Over the years we have been able to create a city that run on sunlight and waste so our streets are clean and safe.
We zoned our city with residential on one side, commercial in the middle, and industriel on the other side. Some of the commercial interminglesa with the residential like a charging station here and there is a stop and shop just off the highway. Our residents are happy because the factories are all naturally cared by good workers, which means they are run on gases that won’t hurt the atmosphere, as well as they are on the other side of the city so they aren’t kept up by the machines moving.
What drives the economy is, our self helping robots. That are made only for the disabled and elderly and some normal people. Now, these robots are built for giving medicine to the seniors. Now, this part of the robot has a

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