Descriptive Essay About Volleyball Days

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Volleyball Days Have you ever had a thought where when you sign up for something you’re like, this will be a great idea! And then when you actually do it you think, why did I do this? Sharon has. She signed up for a beach volleyball camp that would last for two hours a day for a week. The she thought to herself “No, anything worth trying worth trying once is worth trying again.” After all, Sharon had once tried a normal volleyball camp once before and that had worked out fine. After she and Madalynn, (who was also doing it) had met the coaches and until everyone had come they did some exercises to warm up and got ready for the first task. After everyone did the stretches they started the first task, seeing dolphins and whales. No seriously. Instead of starting the first someone noticed some whales and dolphins and they watched them for a few moments before starting the real first task which was a name game. Coach Chelsea grabbed a volleyball and first introduced herself and then passed it to Natalie, who passed it to Sharon, who passed it to Cameron, who passed it to Hannah, who passed it to Milo, who passed it to Madalynn, who passed it to Jordan, who passed it to the person who Sharon could never remember his name so she and Madalynn called him the fluffy hair dude because he had fluffy hair and he passed it to Mia, who finally passed it to Coach Nate. Then they all got up, got a volleyball, and started passing it to themselves. Sharon only got one before she dropped it

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