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Willow was excited to go to the beach with Evelyn. They were going to have a fun time there. The day was sunny and hot. The water was going to be cool against their hot skin. There were some clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. Evelyn parked her car and they both got out. When they got to the end of the cement stairs, Willow started to run to a shady spot in a secluded part of the beach. Evelyn started running to try to catch up. When they both got to the shade, Willow threw down her t-shirt, shorts, and towel onto the sand. Then she took off her sandals and set them near her towel. Evelyn put her towel down then laid her shorts, shirt, and shoes on top of it. “I’ve been wanting to swim for a few weeks. I’m so glad that we chose to go today. It’s a perfect day for it.” Evelyn said in an excited voice. “I know. I haven’t been able to come to the beach since last summer. Let’s go enjoy that ocean!” said Willow. They started to jog towards the water with joy. They could feel the hot sand burning their feet. It felt horrible but good at the same time. Willow started to walk onto the wet sand then into the water. The water felt cool against her burnt feet. She was thrilled to have a beach day. Willow was going to enjoy every second of it. Evelyn ran into the water with pure joy. She had a big smile on her face when the water hit her bare legs. They couldn’t feel the breeze when they got deeper. The water started to get a little colder each time the waves hit them. The sun was

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