Descriptive Essay On A Day To Kill A Cat

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The year was 2006 it was late summer I was four with light hazel hair and amber eyes that when you looked into them you could already see I had amazement for the world and curiosity that could kill a cat. Today was a boring day I thought to myself as I poked a ant hill that was as gigantic as my father's foot and to me he had big feet. I was outside the sky was clear, and as blue as the sea, and the sun was a glowing golden yellow as it hung high and proud in the bright blue sea known as the sky. As I look around I spot my father pull his beaten down white 2004 van in the dirt driveway full of pebbles. I felt bad for him every day he came home absolutely tired and exhausted from working his dead end job. He opened his van and gets out he was a tall man. He had a light tan with sapphire eyes that looked just like the clear sky on that summer day with his cinnamon brown short hair, and button nose he welcomes me with a smile. Every Time you saw that delightful smile spread across his face you knew that he had a gift. As he smiled he opened up his arms. I dashed like a snake was chasing after me and I hopped right into his arms like a cat jumping from the ground to the highest place on the bookshelf.
“Hello there little Franny I have a surprise for you,” his voice was raspy and low and had a kind lovely fatherly tone to it.
“Really Papa what is it?” I chimed I looked at him my eyes full of curiosity and wonder of what this object he could be gifting us today was.

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