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The Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo is a 5-string travel banjo that you'll definitely want to take everywhere with you as you learn. If you're a step above a beginner but still want to spend all your time practicing, this banjo is light and travel-ready. It's a great-looking banjo that you can't leave home without.


19.8-inch scale
24 brackets
11-inch Fiberskyn head
Mahogany finish
Upgraded tuners
Padded bag with pocket

First Impressions

This is a great travel banjo for a reasonable price. As a first banjo, you can really appreciate the sounds it'll produce as you learn to play. A first instrument is much like a first car or your first boyfriend or girlfriend, it's something you'll remember forever and color everything you do later in life. This is a banjo that won't leave you with a bad impression of banjos at all. You'll savor the incredible sounds that you'll be able to pluck from the strings of the banjo.

It's also beautiful to behold. You'll like the mahogany finish as well as the details of the tuners and the frets themselves. It's a small banjo that is great for children who might be learning an instrument for the first time. You want to instill a love of music in them at a young age, so you'll want to be picky about the instrument they use. You won't regret purchasing the Hohner ATB40-M A+ Banjo.

Hohner Company

The company was founded by Matthias Hohner in Germany back in 1857. They were dedicated to harmonicas and accordions at the time. As they

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