Descriptive Essay On Campus

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Iowa State University offers a large campus. The campus itself entirely is around the size of my hometown. I have lived on campus for a few weeks now, and I know most of the campus, yet spend most of my time in my dorm. Whenever I am not in my dorm or in class though, I often find myself wandering around campus. When wandering around campus I usually look for the best spots for me just in case I want to sit around and relax. Of my favorite spots to visit, they are closer and very appealing to see. They however are also very popular places to visit, so many students visit them. What I mean by closer, is that these places are not too far away from my dorm on campus. I live in the Wilson Hall dormitory, known as one of the Towers, and it is quite far from the main campus. Seeing as I walk everyday to and from the main campus to and from my dorm, I tend to walk the same route, as to shorten the walk time it takes and be familiar with the area. On days I walk to my favorite spot, which is the second concrete bench next to the Campanile, and I just sit there for hours and relax. Wilson Hall’s dining hall is called Storms, and is located maybe 80-100 yards North of Wilson. As I leave through the North East exit of Wilson Hall, I cross the diagonal sidewalk running from Wilson to Storm’s East Entrance/Exit. I tend to eat supper at Storms, and as I exit through the same entrance, I leave and grab an apple to eat along the way heading to the Campanile. I walk up Welch Street,

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