Descriptive Essay On Carly And Me

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Carly & Me Dogs become vital to you, they are something you would never give up. My dog, Carly, has taught me so many life lessons, even though she cannot talk. Likewise, she has taught me to be a kind, positive, selfless human being. Yes, having a dog may be challenging, stressful work, but in the end, it is all worth it. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted a dog. When I was about three, my cousins unexpectedly lost their chocolate lab, Bailey. I don’t remember Bailey, but I do remember when they brought home a yellow lab puppy named Tess. The moment I laid eyes on Tess, it sparked something inside me and from that point on, I had a desire to one day have my own dog. I included a dog on my Christmas and birthday lists for five years, but every year I was left disappointed. Nevertheless, my parents were warming up to the idea of having a dog, evaluating different breeds to try and find a perfect fit for our family. Eventually, my parents took us to look at dogs, but none of them seemed to suit our needs.
It was late afternoon on an enjoyable, mild June day at the baseball field. As we commenced our journey home I realized we were headed in the wrong direction.
“Where are we going?” I asked, looking at my parents in confusion.
“We are going to look at some puppies,” Mom explained excitedly.
Realization dawned on me. We were getting a puppy! “What kind of dog are we going to look at?” I questioned with excitement.
“A cockapoo,” stated Mom anxiously.
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