Descriptive Essay On Crystal Clear Land

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Back in January 2001, there was a girl called Pinky. Pinky lived in a mind-blowing land. This land was called “Crystal Clear Land.” Pinky was living in Crystal Clear Land with her parents, and her fairy friend Lola. Pinky had a tall pink wavy hair, and she had hazel brown eyes with long thick eyelashes. Pinky had the most adorable smile. Pinky was beautiful as the full moon, and her personality was charming as her sparkling eyes. Pinky was the one and only child to her parents; therefore, Pinky meant to them the world. Pinky believed in Lola her fairy friend. Even though, Lola wasn’t a real human. Lola was Pinky’s inspiration in everything. Pinky has described Lola as a gorgeous fairy with a beautiful gold wings, and a tall straight purple …show more content…

There were glowing butterflies, flying colorful unicorns, rainbow clouds, and there was a skyscraper view of the whole land. Moreover, there was a big mysterious gold box in the middle of the neon garden. Pinky was amused she felt like it was a dream. She started to chase the glowing butterflies then she started to play with colorful beautiful unicorns, and then she went to the top of the garden to see the view of the whole land. Pinky was thrilled from the view it was fascinating. She closed her eyes for a moment; furthermore, she imagined that her parents were next to her, and they are all having a quality time together. Pinky has a gift that she could visualize what she wants in a realistic way that means she could feel the moment like if it was real even if it was not. In addition, once she opened her eyes she realized that it was just her imagination, but she stared at the ocean with faith while her beautiful pink wavy hair was propelled by the wind, and she was trying to communicate with her parents with telepathy law of attraction. Pinky felt something was going to happen unexpectedly for a moment, but she didn’t want to overthink about

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