Descriptive Essay On Farm

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Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a farmer and have animals. When I was about 7 years old my family moved to town and we sold our animals. Ever since we moved I have wanted to move back to the country so I can have land and animals again. My uncle inherited farmland from his father (my great uncle). With the help of new machinery and other agricultural advances he has improved and expanded his farmland. Since I hope to have a farm of my own I began working with my uncle last summer. My uncle is in his 50’s and doesn't have any children with his wife, so I am hopeful that if I help him on his farm and learn how to do things he will sell or give me the farm. In February I asked him if I can work with him and he said yes! When I began working with him, he gave me jobs that nobody wants to do. He told me to take a weed eater and cut weeds down a field a mile long. When I thought I was done with that, he told me to cut the weeds around his hay barns. I hated doing that, but I knew it would get better if I didn't quit. I was seeing coyotes on his land and asked him if I can come and shoot them. My girlfriend got me an electronic coyote call for my birthday, which is in September, which means it is easier to call them in. When dove hunting on his farm got slow I decided to use the call I got. I set it in the middle of a field and turned it on. As I was standing on the edge of a corn field talking to my cousin, I looked to my left and saw two coyotes coming in. I

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