Descriptive Essay On High School Band

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As I cautiously make my way down the corridor on my first day of school I hear a strange noise escaping one of the rooms. Although it sounds like a jumbled mess of instruments I am intrigued, it is the band room and I know I’ll be entering there soon. What I was not aware of is how deeply being a part of high school band would shape me as a person. Looking back on that time is almost surreal considering that I know have been in band up to senior year, have been a section leader, and learning more instruments than one.
Being a part of band has shown me that I am always part of something much larger than myself. It is not always about me, and that is okay. Sometimes you’re playing the melody or moving lines and sometimes you’re just playing a bunch of half notes. Learning this fact took a while because for a long time when directors would say that my section wasn’t important I would feel almost.... offended? But after almost eight years of playing in the band I have learned that it is okay to not be the most important person in the room. In fact, it is often more fulfilling to be the one that helps lift that person up.
Even the most important person in the room messes up and I have now seen that nobody is perfect. Even the greatest player messes up on 16th note runs or have trouble counting lines. Band has taught me that you shouldn’t feel horrible about making mistakes, in fact you should embrace them. My favorite quote is “if you’re going to mess up, own it”, you should own

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