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Hotel Karuna: Lakeside Stay with a View in Pokhara, Nepal
The Lakeside district in Pokhara, Nepal is filled with hotels ranging from very modest guesthouses to luxurious resorts, and all are very close to the busy Lake Phewa. Few, however, boast actual views of the lake from many of the hotel rooms. If the view from your room is important to you, and you appreciate cleanliness and comfort, then Hotel Karuna is the hotel for you.
Modern and comfortable
Aside from a lovely view, the Hotel Karuna staff warmly welcomes guests to its modern and spacious lobby. The rooms are located on floors one through four, and are reached by stairs. Sorry, no elevators here. The rooms on all four floors are similar, and have comfortable queen size beds, closet space, an ensuite bathroom with shower, fresh towels and soap. A family room is also available with extra sleeping space. A porch directly off the bedroom is a welcome bonus. I was lucky enough to have a porch that not only had a lake view, but also a view of the Annapurna Mountain range. Each room also has an air conditioning unit and a ceiling fan. These are essentials in the humid heat of Pokhara during monsoon season (June through September).

Breakfast and more
Breakfast, which comes with the cost of the room (30 USD for a standard room) is served in the modern, spacious lobby of Hotel Karuna. There are three choices for breakfast ranging from a "Health" option with muesli, yoghurt and

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