Descriptive Essay On New York City

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New York City. One of the greatest states. And full of tourist! Whenever tourists come to New York City, there is a checklist of place to see and visit. There is the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, Central Park, and, of course, Time Square. Time Square is the center of everything touristy. It is full of shopping, food, lights, and Broadway plays. Almost anyone who comes to visits always goes there. Take it from a girl who use to be a tourist herself. Whenever I was visiting New York City, my family and I would never miss Time Square. We would always make our way there and especially at night when the lights are shining. Time Square really is the enhances New York’s Motto as the city that never sleeps. However, Time Square did not start out as the center of tourism. It has a whole history behind it and how it became the attraction it became! Time Square, the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, wasn’t originally called Times Square. It was actually called Longacre Square in the 19th century. It was named after London’s carriage district (New York Times). Yes, Times Square used to be a horse and buggy neighborhood. Just imagine Times Square full of horses. It was named Longacre square because it was named after Long-acre in London. Long acre was a horse-coach industry that did business with the people in New York (New York Public Library). But eventually, with the opening of businesses, subways, and Broadway shows made it hard so

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