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Tuesday is Taco Tuesday's at our house. Learn how to make this delicious shredded pork tacos for dinner with Smithfield® Marinated Pork.

School is officially back in session and has been for our kids here in Colorado for the past two weeks. With driving the kids to and from school, helping with homework and doing all the other chores in-between, there really isn't much time left for myself. I also have to think about dinner and what I can do that's quick, doesn't take up too much of my time, and in turn leaves me with some time to really enjoy with the kids before it's time for bed. Tacos has always been a favorite of mine and as I mentioned, Tuesday's is generally taco night for us. With my list in hand I decided to head to my local commissary to get my ingredients.

As a retired military veteran, I love beating the rush and taking advantage of the early bird shopping. It's generally when most of the soldiers are at home after an early morning of PT and their wives or husbands are taking their kids to school, or are at work. I just love having the store to myself and taking my time through the aisles whilst looking for what I need without having to say "excuse me". My husband has been saying that we needed to change up our recipes and do "something different" every once in a while. So instead of the regular beef or chicken tacos, I decided that we were going to pork instead. However, I had no idea what to expect in the pork department, and was I surprised. There

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