Grandma’s Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies Essay

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Have you ever ate one of your favorite foods so much, that every time you reunite with them, it feels like your first time. Well that’s me with my delicious Grandma’s sweet peanut butter cookies from scratch. No matter how many times I eat them it always feels like their new to my taste buds. I will never forget the day my taste buds was in for a surprise. As I approach the turn to my Grandmother's house, my stomach turns in the anticipation of the perfectly sweet peanut butter cookie smell that awaits. As my mother turn up the long narrow gravel road and parked the car in front of her house. I stepped outside and a chilly little breeze bites at my cheeks. I take a deep breath and the sweet smell of burning cedar enters my nose. I …show more content…

So I wait for grandma to get the milk and plates, so we both can sit and discuss our time away from each other. I was only 6 at the time my grandma first started making the cookies for me. So of course, all that was on my mind was the taste of grandma’s sweet cookies that made me fill like those were the best on earth, and no one could tell me different! Mom would be by the stove stuffing her face with her favorite lemon cake and hot tea, while me and grandma share our time together. Some of my favorite precious moments happened in grandmas kitchen each and every time we visit. Whether it was just eating some of her delicious cookies or dancing, talking, or watching the windows. The atmosphere all around grandmas house was filled with lots of sweetness joy and peace inside and out. The smell of sweet cookies over home cooked meals covering flung over the table. Fresh cold drinks like grandma got it straight from the sky. There was lemonade, milk, and coffee smelling like she hand made them with the ripest lemons, milk straight from the cow and coffee fresh from the beans. Only grandma could make it smell like that.

As it approach the time to leave grandmas seemed like everything got blurry, the rug seemed like it was moving and the air seemed like it was getting cold out of nowhere. Grandma always grabbed me tight as she seen mother taking footsteps to the door and saying her goodbyes. She know I never wanted to

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