Descriptive Essay On The Bike

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The Puddle
We rode the old rusty three seated bike to the edge of town where the road got rough and had almost deteriorated away, just little peices of road scattered for miles.We got off the bike and began walking we walked for what seemed to be 10 miles But we finally got to the top of the steps that everyone at school had been talking about. We looked down the long stairway and saw nothing after 10 feet. It was so dark that even our flash light only helped us to see 15 feet. I took the first step down the old brick stairs, behind me was James and after him was Brandon. We got down the first 10 steps, then realised how long it really was. We took a few more steps, then out of no where Brandon slipped on a loose brick he cam tumbling down on top of James, we went tumbling down the stairs it seemed like that we were tumbling before we were finally at the bottom of the stairs and hit solid ground
When we got to the bottom we got up and tried to find our flashlights I found one and looked at Brandons ankle, it was mangled and bleeding and he couldn’t walk on it. We slowly carried him to the top of the stairs and tried to call for help but we were so far away from town no one heard us. We started walking back towards our bike when out of no where the ground started decaying and turned into a sink hole. By the time we got around it it was dark. We finally got to the bike and me and James peddled and Brandon sterred. We got to the edge of town and got Brandon home. He showed
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