Descriptive Essay On The Woods

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Far along down the creek there was me and my two friends. Their names are Gage and Tyler. We were just a couple of sophomores wandering around aimlessly on the very familiar, local road that was by the name of Bundschu until we came across some woods that we were always so curious about. Well, that is when we decided to enter into the woods and walk down the muddy and rocky creek in seeking for a great adventure. I was much more eager than my two buddies to get to the end of the creek which is why I was running while they stayed behind carefully and walked. We soon arrived to the end of the creek and came upon a tree bridge, a graffiti infested tunnel, a big hill and the actually Bundschu road itself. We could have sat on the bridge and just chill and relax, but we all still wanted to adventure more in this part of the woods. Tyler suddenly looks at the right side of the creek where the land rises above and exclaims, “Look there is a big hill that we can walk up and look over more of the woods.” Gage and I nod our heads in approval and begin to walk up the semi-steep hill along with Tyler who is already halfway up there. Me and Gage proceed to halfway up there as Tyler looks down at us from the top. I never really understood how he got up there so fast because I could barely take one step without stumbling or running my face into some prickly branches. Anyways, Gage makes up there before I do and looks out from the hill among the whole slab of the woods in amazement. “Tyler

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