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Time is indecisive. It’s either with you or against you. What I’ve noticed is whenever you’re doing something you hate, it drags on like a turtle, but when you’re doing something you enjoy, it zips by like a rabbit. In my case, when I need it the most, it’s never there for me. Pretty unfortunate, if I’d say so myself. I mean you’d much rather have all the time in the world doing something you enjoy, than something you hate, right? That’s not how it works though. I glance over at the electric clock at the corner of the room above the speakers on the wall. 3:32 PM, it reads. Fantastic. I’ve wasted at least half-an-hour trapped with my thoughts and staring into space. Yes, that’s very productive. The smell of brewing coffee beans and expresso drinks linger in the air. If I had the money, I’d buy myself a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate, but I already wasted the few dollars my mom gave me on a disgusting blueberry muffin. It’s safe to say I’m full of regrets, even when it comes to choosing between a snack or a drink. The familiar smooth jazz music resounds throughout the entire café. All that music is capable of is making you want to go to sleep. Although, after coming here every week for almost two years I’ve become immune to it. I tap my pencil against the blank piece of paper. I bury my eyes into each empty line, hoping that somehow those lines would just magically fill themselves with brilliant paragraphs of intelligent, and meaningful sentences. I could just

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