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Your name is Pacifica Northwest and you are an eight year old, vivacious, wealthy blonde living in the peaceful town that was Gravity Falls, Oregon. It was small, and your mansion was probably one of the biggest buildings in town, owned by none other than Patricia and Richard Northwest.

Right now, you are at your mother Patty’s side as she is admiring herself in her vanity mirror, powdering her face with blush to match her already beautifully done makeup. The twenty-five year old, aesthetically pleasing eye-candy that she was, had bright, baby blue eyes that were matching with yours. She was wearing a bright red dress, which was surprisingly going very well with her dark red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. Her long, silky dark hair was …show more content…

The motto that is forever burned inside your brain:

A Northwest never cries or pleads, they shall have peasants crying and pleading thy mercy. A Northwest shall remain true to their honor, and the only fear a Northwest shall have is of loathing.

You inhale and exhale, then get up off of the ground.

"Oh look, now you’ve ruined my hair as well as your dress,” Patty scoffs.

"Dishonorable." She fixes her hair, brushes the dust off your dress, and shoves you right out of her bedroom. She immediately locks the door so that you cannot return.

It’s okay, because you didn’t want to go back there, for the rest of the day.


You are ten years old, and you, along with your parents, are at a family gathering, with all of your parents’ very rich friends; some that came from all around the world—but you already knew that none of them were as rich as the Northwests.

You are sitting next to your parents and keeping quiet, like they had advised you to, while they gossip about the amount of pathetic peasants that rest here in Gravity Falls.

But you notice one thing about your parents that is very odd. Instead of them using their regular voices, they often talked in posh, over-exaggerated, fake British accents. It was so bizarre and it struck you with curiosity.

You tapped your father Rick’s shoulder to ask why, and he immediately shoots an irate look. “Pacifica,” he whisper-hissed, in his real accent this time. “Do not interrupt me when I am talking,

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