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I read the sentence slowly, examining each word making sure my eyes weren 't deceiving me. My mind went blank for what at the time seemed like forever. When I could finally gather my thoughts together I began to continuously re read the sentence. “Body found in Clinton near vehicle linked with missing LDHS student.” Soon a lump began to form in my throat. Each time I read it my heart sped up, warm tears I didn 't realize I had shed dripped onto my phone, and my soul ached with sadness. I started to hyperventilate, sobbing so badly I formed a puddle on my wooden bathroom floor. I 've heard losing a friend is like losing a limb, but to me it felt more like everything inside of me had been ripped out. Nothing could have prepared me for this, …show more content…

I guess the hispanic one noticed my facial expression because he spoke up.
“My name is Edwin” he said with a confident smirk.
He continued the conversation by asking me if I had any friends and I said a couple and then stated their names. they told they knew them as well. After a little more general conversation the bell rang and I realized I never made it to the gym. Before walking to class the short one asked me if I had a phone. I told him no I did not have one, but I did have an email address instead. They all snickered and I blushed, I was glad my dark complexion couldn 't show how heated my cheeks where with embarrassment. After we finished our conversation I turned around and headed back in the direction of my academy class with a smile on face. We all talked almost everyday after that, even when I began making more friends they were always there for me.
Still sitting on my bathroom floor with a small smile and tears stained to my face. That smile didn 't last for long. I soon felt the tears begin to fall again as I thought back to the summer before ninth grade. That summer Edwin and I got very close, we talked everyday, all day. It was not an hour that went by that we weren 't talking. When the summer ended and ninth grade began we all drifted apart from seeing that they were still in eighth grade and I didn 't have the transportation to see them. By the time they started

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