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Skye opened her eyes after what she had thought would just be a little cat nap. But nope, she found herself in a rather small room. "This must be the servants quarters," She mumbled to herself, with the following yawn. "They could have awoken me," She added with a sigh. "But then again, maybe they were afraid after that lecture I had given," She concluded, stepping out of bed. Her head then glancing over towards the door, where she had heard a gentle knock. "I apologize to disturb you; however, are you awake, Skye?" Sebastian asked gently. "I am, you may enter," She responded, grabbing a hairbrush that was conveniently placed on the small nightstand next to her. Sebastian entered the room, carrying a black & white maid uniform. "This will be your attire while working here at the estate. Also, a tailor will be by later this afternoon to take measurements for your off-duty tasks." He announced, gently lying down the uniform onto the bed. "Then how were you able to pick a uniform, that would perfectly fit?" Skye confusingly asked. "I don 't, this is one of Mey-Rin 's uniforms. She is another maid in this household you will be accompanied by, during your day-to-day chores." He informed swiftly. "I 'll be sure to thank her." She continued with a smile. "Will you require any assistance with dressing?" Sebastian asked kindly. "If there are no corsets involved, then we shouldn 't have a problem." She hoped out loud. "Very well then, I shall wait outside. When you are finished in

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