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After a few words with Quincy, he hung up the phone and the two of us walked back to the kitchen table. Dale had yet to let go of my hand and I was far from pulling it away. I let my parents do all the talking, or cross examining if you prefer. All that was missing was the hot light point in Dale’s face as they grilled him. I was never so happy when a knock came to the door. “It’s time to go,” my mother called out, loudly after she had answered the door. I had finally realized that my mind must have been wrapped too tightly around me going to the same college as Dale when I finally noticed his hot rod was in my driveway. “Is that convertible yours, boy?” asked my father, visibly excited. “Yes it is, Sir. It’s a …show more content…

“There is no bill, sir,” said Dale, evenly. “My father sends them an endowment once in a while when they need a new building or some extra grant money. Besides, if Clara will have me as her husband once we graduate, why would…” “Is that a Rolls-Royce,” my mother said, breathlessly in stunned wonder. “Yes, Mrs. Newton. It’s the new Rolls-Royce called the Wraith. By the look on Quincy’s face, we should go.” “What is wrong?” I asked. “When he looks like he had stayed out in the sun too long that can only mean he had spoken to my mother about the two of us. He was never able to keep his mouth shut,” Dale growled. “Your mother isn’t happy about the two of us,” I asked, overly concerned. “But, we had yet to have our first date.” “She has this princess in mind for me to marry.” I snatched my hand out of his, forgot they were still stuck together, and was about to turn and run back into my house. It was one thing to compare myself to the girls at the school who has boys walking into walls, falling down stairs and tripping over their own feet, but a princess! “I don’t know why you are cross with me,” Dale said, quickly. “My father likes her as much as I do, and I can’t stand to even talk with her over the… phone. I have already told my father about you and he’s very happy for me.” “You aren’t just spinning my head around gumdrops?” I asked, fearfully. Before Dale had a chance to

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