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During the summer month of June 1830 it was very hot and sunny. The hot heat was beaming down on my head as I was working in grandma’s garden picking some peas for dinners. Every summer I always end-up at grandma’s house. She always wanted me to help her with choirs around the house during the whole summer. Well, I realize this was getting very bored to me. I wanted to have fun like my other friends, have during the summer. So I decided to ask my parents can I go to my auntie betty who live in Mississippi. I haven’t never been there before, I felt now it’s time to go there. My auntie Betty is a very wonderful person. She has no children she always like to cook different kinds of foods. She always prays over everything she eats. She said …show more content…

On the other hand, I was not fan of the honey glazed biscuits, but my father loved them and could eat a whole basket of them. Meanwhile my mother called for my father and I to come eat, from the kitchen, her voice ranged out among us. Therefore, my father and I race like two cheetah trying to see who can get their first. My mother would say you two slow down the food is not going to grow legs and run away from yawl. We always laugh and smile at mom then she would point father or I to pray over the meal that night. Next as we sat at the table I decided to ask my parents what day would my adventure to auntie Betty begin. Surprising my father told me once morning reach around eight a.m. him and mother would proceed to take me to auntie house. Next after dinner my mother told me that it was my turn to wash the dishes and put the dish rack. After washing the dishes, it was time for me to run my bathwater for bath time. This task at hand was my time to relax, unwind and to wonder some more about how my adventure would be like at auntie house. Meanwhile I heard my mother call for me in the distance in the house. I just shrug and pretended not to be hear my mother. Although this type of behavior from me bothered my mother she calmly came to the bathroom door and open it. Then she would say. “Young lady get out of the tub like I said the first time. “Following the statement she would say to me to hurry up and get ready for the bed. Nerveless,

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