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"Just give him space maybe later you can talk to him and see what happeneds"I said trying to comfort her . "He 's not coming back." She said from the corner of my eyes I could see calum. "He isn 't" Calum said shocked. "No baby I didn 't mean it like that." She said taking her face from my chest to look at him. "He said he was gonna visit me" he said crying before he ran off to his room "I gotta go thanks for coming Ashton" Emily said following Calum. I sighed leaving out the front door. I should 've told her about Erika and Michael. But I don 't have the heart to tell her. I walked towards my home. I walked inside to sound of giggling. "Hello?" I said walking towards the kitchen. "Shh." I heard which made me roll my eyes. I walked …show more content…

"And that I 'm leaving." She looked up at me hurt. "Your leaving?" She said her voice cracking. "Just for a while" I said looking in her eyes. "And I 'm taking Emily and Calum with me." She starred at me as if I had just slapped her. "Well I hope you all have a lovely time you and Emily will be happy together I 'm sure" she said plainly hiding her emotions again. "Not like that Emily and I" I tried to explain myself "No it 's fine I don 't wanna know" she said interrupting me crossing her arms "Listen to me I want you to know I don 't have any feelings for Emily I only want to do the right thing with the baby I only love you" I said. "Cut the crap and just leave." She said there 's the Erika I know "I know you still love me" I said getting closer to her. "I did." She spat in my face, I whipped off my face and just shook my head. "I know I messed up" "Messed up Ashton! you ruined our life! you threw it away like it was nothing!" She yelled tears threatening to spill. "What are you doing huh? Your doing the same thing with Michael!" I screamed back. "But I did it after I knew what you did! I never cheated on you! I never was unfaithful! I was yours but you weren 't mine!" She said tears running down her face and it hurt me seeing her cry. "I can 't do this ." I said "No!" She said grabbing my arm "you are not walking out on me again you have to listen to what I have to say and I 'll listen to what you have to say" she said. "what else is

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