What Does It Mean To You Essay

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I am instantly met with unbearable pain in my head as I awake. I feel as if I am having an ongoing brain freeze and… wait no, that’s is not the right metaphor to use, it makes it sound like it’s a lot less painful than it really is. Rather, I feel like I have just been hit by a train going 200 miles faster than normal. I don’t understand why, but I’m so exhausted, as if I haven’t slept in days. I regain my senses and realize the situation I am in. I’m sitting on a metal framed chair. My wrists are secured behind my back and are locked in metal restraints. I try to stand up only to realize that the restraints are chained to the floor, along with both my ankles. I try to shake free but it is no use, I’m like a trapped cub trying to get …show more content…

His face is a perfect cool beige color, which fits nicely with his hazel eyes that have a touch of blue in them. Physical, my favorite part about his is his smooth hair, which most of the time he keeps combed sideways and back so it doesn’t hit his face, but even when it’s messy, his caramel colored hair is always so cute. I wouldn’t change a dang thing about the way he looks, but it’s the things that Lex does that make me fall for him every day. I don’t think anyone looks at or admires anything like the way Lex does with me. The way he looks at me makes me feel like I have thousands of butterflies dancing inside of me all at once. It’s like he is seeing me for the first time every time he sees me. The way he strokes and plays with my dark hazel hair with his silk soft fingers makes me feel like nothing else could be better. I close my eyes, trying to imagine him playing with my hair and whispering in my ear how much he loves me, “More than every ‘I love you’ ever spoken, whispered, or thought.” he’d say. I miss the sound of his voice, I crave it more now than I ever have. I open my eyes and look at him again, I know I’m supposed to be strong but right now I feel so weak without him by my side. He always talks about how he could never live without me and how he’d be so

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