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After calling and asking if her grandfather would mind some company, Melanie showered and changed her clothes. She wanted to look nice and presentable and not dust covered from being in the apartment that had been locked up for over a couple of weeks. Being dropped off at the cottage in Homewood, she climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. Her grandfather opened the door almost immediately. This made Melanie smile as she realized he must have been looking forward to the visit as she was. "Hi Grandpa" she said in her sweet southern voice and he reached across the threshold to give her a hug. "Hello Melanie, come on in and get out of this cold. I was so glad you called." She was chilly, that was true, she came into the house and sat where he motioned on the sofa. “I am sure the house looks all old fashioned to you, but I like it looking this way, this is the way that Beverly had it arranged before she passed. I never wanted to change it.” He ran his hands over the velvet flowers and smiled again. He really had a nice smile and she was glad that he was comfortable using his smile. She never understood why men usually look so unhappy in pictures. "I wish you would tell me about my grandmother" Melanie asked wanting to know as much as she could about the family. “I saw some amazing pictures of her.” She paused hoping he would jump in and give her some insight on this woman that she never knew anything about. Melanie looked at the fire as it crackled and watched the

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