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The Class Everyone Dreads “Is EN100 a useful class to take?,” this was a question I got asked by a junior at my school. They were looking for classes to take next year; I told them that it was an abundant amount of writing, but it was a great class to take. I went on to explain to them, that taking it in high school would be easier and cheaper than in college. Beginning to explain to them that it helped me grow as a writer and helped improve my English vocabulary, I realized it helped a whole lot. Throughout the first semester of school, we had to write essays over four different topics. These included informative, observation, reflection, and descriptive essays. I told them about my experiences while writing with these certain types of essays. This is what I said: The first essay we wrote was the descriptive writing style. I wrote an essay called, “Burger King’s Crusty Castle”. In this essay, I wrote about the filth inside of the restaurant. Throughout this essay I got better with describing every little detail in the story. I started off by saying, “The tea urns (used to keep all of the freshly made tea in) smell like something had crawled in them and died” (“Burger King’s Crusty Castle”1). I eventually changed it to say, “The tea urns (used to keep all of the freshly made tea in) smell like a skunk that has just been ran over” (“Burger King’s Crusty Castle”11). I added detail to the sentence to make it sound more fluent and to make you feel as if you could smell it. It

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