Descroption of the Kiwi Fruit

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For the following assignment I have chosen kiwi fruit as my source of concentration and focus. As I started to explore this object, first I have decided to focus on the outer appearance. Just by looking at the kiwi fruit, the shape that I noticed is oval or cylindrical, kind of egg-shaped fruit, a little similar to lemon size, with the two ends on each side. It is also pretty clean and uniform in shape, meaning that it’s not wrinkled or shriveled as I look at it. Skin of the fruit is covered with the thin, short, and fuzzy little hair, almost like it’s wrapped with moss that is of brown color with the dark green layer underneath of it that is evidently flat and plain. The overall color of kiwi is a mixture of brown with dark green. As I…show more content…
Comparing the two separate parts that I tasted, I noticed that the white center inside the kiwi was harder in composition than the green pulp which was much squishy. I also came to conclusion that the pulp itself had its characteristic taste of luscious and delectable taste, whereas the white center was pretty sweet but tasteless at the same time, meaning that it didn’t distinguish from any particular flavor that I could compare to. As I worked on this assignment, I observed that as I tried to concentrate more on the object, I became more frustrated and angry since I tried to get as much details as I could. When I was describing the external appearance of the fruit, I didn’t have any major problems because I relied on my senses such touch, hear, smell, but as I was exploring the internal appearance in which I mostly relied on my taste, it was pretty hard for me to focus and describe it in details. Fortunately, with each detail that I found, I got more involved in this and the flow of new thoughts and ideas came to my head. The more I was concentrating, the bigger commitment I put into this assignment. I really tried to put an effort in this task and be as much enthusiastic as I could to make this assignment pleasing, instead of just playing with it and doing it in a half-hearted

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