Desert Survival Essay

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The following is a list of goals the online Desert Survival Situation has been designed to address:

[pic] To demonstrate that teams are able to produce decisions superior to individual decisions. The phrase "two heads are better than one" sums up synergistic decision making—the concept that groups of people working together make better decisions than individuals working alone. The Desert Survival Situation enables participants to experience this phenomenon first hand.

[pic] To teach the interpersonal and rational skills involved in synergistic problem solving. Synergistic problem-solving is function of: 1) Working with others cooperatively; and 2) Using the knowledge and expertise …show more content…

Although you may have worked extensively with some of the members of your team, others are largely unknown to you. In this regard, this exercise perhaps simulates most closely a newly instituted cross-functional task force.

How the Simulation Will Unfold

You will be notified of your assignment to a team prior to the start of the exercise. Although the exercise does not take place until Week 4, this gives you several weeks to establish a communication protocol among team members. This is important so that when we start Week 4 and the simulation, you are ready to go. There is a collaboration phase that requires you discuss the exercise and reach consensus as a team. If you can’t communicate with each other, then you can’t fully participate in the exercise.

This exercise will proceed in three phases. Each phase has a distinct start and stop time. I have also created a suggested timeline for accomplishing the important steps in this exercise. The timetable can be found at the end of this document.

[pic][pic] Phase I Individual Ranking
[pic] Access the Desert Survival Situation website: at As a first time user, you’ll need to activate your account. And select the class section and enter the Proof of Purchase code you received when you purchased your course materials. Your first goal is to create your personalized

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