Overhead Reduction Task Force Case

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Case 4: Overhead Reduction Task Force At one point or another, everyone has been placed in a group of people and assigned a task that needed to be accomplished. Many of these groups are simply that, a group. The task that many fail to see as the number one objective of the group is to foster a teamwork by actually transforming the group to a cohesive team. The idea sounds fairly simple and transparent, "If everyone works together, we have a team!" This could not be farther from the truth. Teamwork is not merely the ability to work together to get from point A to B. The Overhead Reduction Task Force is a case that exhibits this strong need to build a team in order to be the most effective in achieving goals. The group that has been…show more content…
Once Dixon leaves the meeting, the responsibility of fostering teamwork begins. Since the goal of a 20% reduction and the means limited to achieve this were identified by Dixon, Larry must quickly establish order and define the team's mission. The goal of the initial meeting should be strictly to begin the fostering of teamwork. Going over possible solutions is useless if the members of the task force are not willing to actually work together effectively. For this reason, a mission statement must be determined either by Larry alone or possibly use it as an opportunity of team building and let the group decide together. If the group is able to decide together, Larry has the opportunity to observe the various members in order to determine the best approach at moving forward. Larry must also strive to quench some of the distrust within the various departments by stressing the importance of the various aspects of cooperation theory. If Larry is able to get the member to cooperate rather than compete, the likelihood that they will be more efficient is high. Reducing the overhead is obviously a major goal for the GM, Dixon, so the task cannot be ignored however Larry must consider that all of the members of his team still have their usual jobs to attend to. The team cannot simply lock themselves away for four weeks and ignore other demands. Due to this, Larry needs to set-up a plan of when, where, and how long

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