Design Of Algorithm For Reliable Packet Delivery

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Design of Algorithm to perform Reliable Packet Delivery

Alka1, Rahul Yadav2

Student, PDM College1
Bahadurgah Haryana

Astt. Prof., PDM College2
Bahadurgah, Haryana

Abstract-- A Wireless network is a dynamic network with large no.of nodes. As the traffic increases over the network such type of network suffers from the problems like congestion and packet loss. But in case of P2P network there is one more problem regarding the life of the network. A network can be affected from some intruder or some broken link over the network As a result some loss of information occur over the communication. The packet loss is acceptable upto some threshold value but as there is more packet …show more content…

Designing a foolproof security for ad hoc network is a challenging task due to its unique characteristics such as, lack of central authority, frequent topology changes, rapid node mobility, shared radio channel and limited availability of resources

The wireless networks use air through the operation of a communications protocol. For synchronization, wireless networks employ a carrier sense protocol similar to the common Ethernet standard. This protocol enables a group of wireless computers to share the same frequency and space.

While the term wireless network may technically be used to refer to any type of network that is wireless, the term is most commonly used to refer to a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes is implemented without the use of wires, such as a computer network (which is a type of communications network).

The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has been involved in the development of wireless LAN standards for the last seven years. Finally IEEE has evolved with a version of standard to be used for wireless networks named as IEEE 802.11 in 1997.

Wireless networks refer to those networks that make use of radio waves or microwaves in order to establish communication between the devices.

Fig1: wireless network [2]

A. Issues and Challenges
Designing a foolproof security protocol for ad hoc routing is a very challenging task due its unique

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