Gateway Selection Of Wireless Mesh Networks

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Gateway Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks Background Information and communication technologies have become advanced and efficient in last few decades. The improvement is radical and it has made the broadband technologies and internet more robust and wide spread. Internet has become an integral part of any communication technology. It carries various type of information and offers different type of network services. The speed of data transmission has also improved. [1]Now days, Internet can be accessed from any smart phone, PDA, laptop, computer and several other smart devices. Wireless internet connection through wireless LANs at public places like airports, stations etc. All these have led to the wireless mesh network. [2] Wireless…show more content…
[4] Currently, a larger and multihop wireless mesh network includes more than a single gateway for connecting to the Internet. Previously, a single gateway called root node was used to provide access to the Internet. But introduction of multiple gateways in the network allows flexibility in the deployment and selection of the gateways. So, use and selection of multiple gateways in a wireless mesh network has raised several design aspects. [5]For example, 1. The selection of a gateway. 2. Assignment of the gateway nodes. 3. Routing through the selected gateways during a multihop data transmission. Now, the focus of this research is on selection of the gateways. Significance Wireless mesh networks are significant due to various reasons. Thus the factor of selection of gateway in wireless mesh network is becoming an important concern. IEEE 802.11 based LANs are still in use and sometimes these are used as backbones in wireless mesh networks. These networks use static WMRs or wireless mesh routers. These WMRs create a multihop backbone to the IEEE 802.11 based LANs. It becomes last mile and high speed internet connection. [6] Some of the special WMRs are used for connecting the wireless mesh network with IP addresses for accessing Internet. The routing is performed by the routers that are also used as access points in wireless mesh network. The backhaul routing strategy is used here. Here the
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