Design: Representation and Semiotics Essay

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The phrase "what is design" has been contemplated constantly. Walking down the street, people see cars, buildings and advertisements; piece of artwork serving purposes in the daily lives. Throughout society, people are bombarded by a verity of designs captivating the users and manifesting itself within cultural space. It is a broad definition and this may be due to the existence of art, with the two forms sharing such similarities yet different quite distinctly. Designers create to capture users attention, but ‘what is design?’ When the term ‘design’ comes to mind, it could be difficult to define and is often misconstrue as a term for art, however they have two entirely different meanings. People understand that the only difference …show more content…

In order to gratify the users, designers need to figure out what users need and want. They must think in a user and design perspective to mold a sustainable and user-friendly design that could be widely and economically used. Design can also represent a person, by giving the person an identity in the world. For example, one buys a recently launched electronic which is highly expensive for an average person to afford. By bringing the new product around and showing it to different types of people, the product gains more popularity and people think of this person as a high-income grosser (identity). The first thing that catches the users attention is the design of the product or its packaging. Companies are using design as a weapon to compete with their competitors for their products, in order get a share in the marketplace. The power of design thinking cannot be stopped. Users demand from design more and more everyday. Design is all about communication and semiotics is a key term that plays a huge role in the society. According to O’Brien and Szeman, semiotics “focuses in the way in which meaning is generated through the relationships between signs in a text” (O’Brien and Szeman, 76). Words and signage is a very powerful tool to communicate and to grab users attention. Signs can express how emotions and beliefs represent in different cultures. One important key reason is, if it is legible. Many designers tend to overlook this most

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