Designing A Design A Structure And Present It

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The very first architect can be traced all the way back to the 27th century BC in ancient Egypt. His name was Imhotep, who designed and planned the Pyramid of Djoser and is said to be responsible for being the first to use columns in architecture (McRae). An architect can be described as some who designs, plans, and perhaps even constructs buildings. Within the broad definition, the job of an architect 's spreads throughout the spectrum. Architects do much more than simply design a structure and present it to a client. An architect must carry a variety of characteristics and knowledge that can vary from project to project. Architects find themselves having to study a series of subjects such as psychology, real estate, to even politics that contribute to their careers. Overall, an architect has to an extent three basic sets of skills: math, drawing, and creative thinking. Architects use these three skills in order to succeed in their field.
Although these three skills are necessary, many architects are not masters at these skills; many more are afraid of having to know complex mathematics. Architect students will need the necessary skills of math, drawing, and creative thinking in order to become successful architects. The rumors that an architect has to be a mastermind in math is essentially false. Many architects agree that math used daily is simple trigonometry to even easier addition, subtractions and division. While it is no lie that math is used in architecture, it…
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