Developed Country Vs. Developing Countries

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Developed Country vs. Developing Country Developed and developing are the titles that countries around the world are being labeled by based on the development of their economy and technological infrastructure. Although these countries may carry a likely similar name, they are however completely different in many ways. The two types countries usually differ in their environment, population, education , and living conditions. Most importantly, they obtain distinct economies, which makes them part of two different worlds. What is a developing and developed country, what makes them so uncommon? A developing country is defined as a poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially. A developed country on the other hand is described as a sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructures. The most obvious distinction between the two are the suffixes placed at the end of each label. Just as it was stated in the previous definitions, one country is already advanced and elaborated, while the other country is struggling in order to reach that limit/or level/catch up with the world. Developed countries tend to have good living conditions, great education programs for children, a high employment rate, and an increasing population. Meanwhile, developing countries obtain extremely poor living conditions, learning programs that are inadequate, a high unemployment rate, and a decreasing population. The
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