Developing A Professional Identity And Promoting Professional Development Essay

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Developing your Professional Identity The field of family therapy, particularly the approach of systemic family therapy, is popular not only in the United States but also all across Europe. While this course was designed for future family therapists in the U.S., this paper tries to identify characteristics and differences of the profession’s European counterpart. Several noteworthy differences in degree and educational requirements were identified as well as the professional associations which are responsible for practitioners in Germany and Europe in general. However, it is important to state that the main principles of both the American and European family therapy profession are similar, if not identical, which illustrates the interconnectedness of professionals across the world. Consequently, the purpose of this paper is to identify ways of developing a professional identity and promoting professional development throughout and beyond graduate studies in the field of family therapy.
Differences Between MFT and German Family Therapist
While I am currently enrolled as a Marriage and Family Therapy student, my plan is to switch degrees and pursue a master’s degree in psychology instead. Because I am planning on moving back to my home country of Germany in the near future, and since counseling is not recognized as an independent field there, I will try to compare the role of a German psychologist with a certification in systemic family therapy to the role of a MFT in

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