Professional Development Plan Essay

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Program of Study and Professional Development Plan

Walden University
NURS 6000-8, Success Strategies in the Masters of Science Program in Nursing
March 4, 2012

Program of Study and Professional Plan The purpose of this assignment is to develop my own personal plan to meet my educational goals at Walden University. It also allows me to begin a dialog with my instructor about my interests and goals and to give a background of my educational and professional experience.
Personal and Professional Goals My name is Sherri Teare and I have been in nursing for 26 years. I am a mother of two adult children and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 28 years. With the empty nest syndrome in full swing, I have
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program. I took a position on a behavioral health unit in a larger hospital in a nearby town. There I worked the night shift part-time, which allowed me the flexibility to complete my studies. I have been working on the same unit since graduating 12 years ago. I truly love my job and the hospital that I work for. I hope I am able to continue with this organization after receiving my graduate degree. I recently became certified as a psychiatric and mental health nurse. I serve on our unit practice council helping to find solutions to unit specific issues. I have also served on the hospital wide nurse’s week committee, and a fall prevention committee. Initially I thought that I had little research experience except for gathering information regarding falls and looking for solutions to prevent them. Then I began thinking about all of the times that I have turned to journal articles when looking for information related to best practices in patient care. I hope to learn to develop a better understanding of the research process and to conduct my own research in courses to come.
Learning Goals Through this course I expect to become familiar with the online learning format. I have never taken online courses previously so I plan to learn the skills necessary for me to become a successful online scholar.
This is the first time I have actually

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