Developing A Strategic Approach For Healthcare Essay

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Developing a Strategic Approach

Due to the rapidly changing technology and approach as well as difficulty of satisfying the more aware and demanding clients, healthcare organizations are faced with more challenges than ever before. However, to ensure that client needs are met, it is important for the organizations to obtain the best outcomes at the lowest cost to ensure optimal value to patients, and emphasize on organization-centered care process. Healthcare practitioners should overcome the challenges in their organizations by enacting strategies that transform the systems’ performance.
It is through path-finding that organizations create a vision which is the guide into the future and a source of pursuing it excellence through the vision as an action plan. Govan Care is a healthcare facility that specializes in giving healthcare, pharmaceutical, and well-being programs. Its core business includes outpatient and inpatient care to its clients including cardiac surgery.
Mission Statement
The organization’s mission is to create a world-class organization that is an excellent leader in in-patient and outpatient care to its clients. The organization is committed to providing compassionate and exceptional healthcare service that is concerned with the well-being and dignity promotion of its clients. The organization is also committed to creating partnership with payers, professionals, and physicians by delivering high quality health services at affordable costs with
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