Developing A Successful Small Car Business

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Research Project – Outcome
This report explores upon the concept of how to develop a successful small car business.

Small business in Australia: (1 paragraph)
Whilst the effective maintenance of small business is critical to the business owner it is also essential to Australia’s economy. Connolly et al(2012), states that small business plays significant role in Australia’s economy and accounts for almost half of the implement in the private sector. It also accounts for third of production. The most basic definition of small business is recognised by Fair Work Australia as complex that includes factors such as the number of employees and the annual revenue. It also categorises small business as having a loan principle under …show more content…

Car yard business: (1 paragraph)
Within Australia, majority of population will need vehicles as transportation. Therefore, many people purchased cars from licensed car dealerships, private owner, online or at an auction. According to Anglo (2013), most of the car dealership in Australia provides legal protection such applying warranty for 3 months. In additional to this, many car dealerships has the accurate documents and history of their vehicles, therefore it is far more reliable to purchase car from a car dealership. Recently, Rezek’s (2012) article states that over the past three to four years, the Australian used car businesses have experienced vital changes with its trading trends. The price of a vehicle is to a large extent determined by supply and demand. Whilst this information is true for the price of a vehicle, the profit of vehicles is to some extent determined by the buying. With the arrival of private sellers, both buying and selling has extremely become more challenging (Rezek, 2012). Many people believe that the internet has affected their profits however those that have used it have expressed a high level of success with it. This is because it provides greater opportunities to increase its customer base and promote its product. It can provide a cost effective form of marketing and means to access more customers. Others have stated that the cost of advertising per vehicle has risen

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