Developing And Implementing A Professional Practice Model

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Developing and implementing a Professional Practice Model is a key requisite for achieving Magnet recognition. Professional Practice Models (PPMs) offer an opportunity for nurses to define how their nursing practice aligns with the organizations values, mission, and vision. Nursing excellence thrives in atmospheres that encourage and support positive productive relationships. This paper presents the Pillars of Care PPM—a hypotenthical model based on the Relationship-based Care (RBC) framework. The components of this model are explored as well as the models theoretical framework. Finally, a discussion on PPM evaluation methods is presented as well as a brief description of how the Pillars of Care PPM could be evaluated. Proposed PPM and …show more content…

Nursing quality improvement activities are essential to the financial viability of an organization and to for the safety of care delivery. Nursing excellence is derived from an internal commitment to deliver the highest quality of care and is supported by structural empowerment. Nurses can achieve excellence by being actively involved in evidence-based research projects, staying abreast of the latestest advances in nursing care, and redesigning care delivery that is problematic or outdated. These activities require that nurses to step outside the box and assume new responsibilities within the nursing profession. Organizations who value excellence value innovation and creativity and provide the resources and infustructure necessary to enhance professional nursing practice (Clavelle & Goodwin, 2016). As such, the organizations core values of quality and excellence were incorporated into the Pilars of Care PPM to maintain strategic alignment between the organization and nursing practice. Pillars of Care PPM: Columns Relationship with the self. The first column of Pillars of Care PPM reporesents the importance of a nurses relationship with his or herself. In the healthcare’s fast paced high stakes environement it is easy to become burned out and stressed. Nurses must remain aware of their individual needs in order to successfully and compassionaltely deliver patient care. Having awareness of

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