Developing Good Communication Skills For Individuals

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In order to provide direct and indirect care to individuals, communication has to be developed for success. A person has to develop the capability to impact the care of an individual once the process of communication is developed. The results depends on a variation of forces, each of which a provider is required to contemplate in order to inspiration the care and outcomes in an ethically suitable method. Some of the appropriate behavior includes the individual being knowledgeable and experience, has a better understanding of ethical principles and models. Through communication the individual should develop a good relationships with people they are providing the service too. Developing good communication skills will assist an…show more content…
Although there is no right or wrong answer the decision made must be beneficial to the client. It can be a very emotional situation when a person is faced with losing a relative. However, a doctor has to be careful when families try to use the doctor to get a relative to make a decision based on their emotions. Family members might use doctors to have a relative comply with decisions. The individual caring for the person has to provide the best care necessary for the patient. A recommendation will be mad that will be communicated to the person and their family. The doctor knows the patient needs additional care that will not likely be delivered ‘at home.’ The doctor also knows the financial line is that the patient has ‘used up’ the days assigned for the medical illness and release is impending. These examples demonstrate the dilemma connected to the ethical issue of the delivery of limited resources that occurs frequently when working in the field where an individual is interacting with the community. The ethical principle of justice leads the fair and equivalent treatment of all people. Yet, the individual who has decided to work with people in the community struggles with the penalties of inadequate communication, organizational and societal financial resources. As an individual decides to work with people in the community their communication, knowledge and skill are essential areas that is combined together to influence continuity of care in
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