Developing Technology And Integrated Hsr System

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China, by far, has the largest existing HSR network, followed by Japan, France, Spain and Germany. China also has the most ambitious expansion plans, with the most kilometers of lines currently under construction and the most planned. Spain is also undergoing an HSR construction and planning boom, with France and Turkey also notably having ambitious HSR expansion plans. If it is assumed that expansion proceeds as planned, in the next few decades, China will have the largest HSR network, with Spain and France in a distant second and third, both surpassing Japan in total system size. Overall, Japan has the most developed and integrated HSR system, being the first country to develop the technology and make it commercially available in 1964.…show more content…
France has the fastest tested time for a non-maglev, steel-wheeled train, at 574 km/h. It is a matter of history that H Neuvon, who was a member of the Japanese delegation (1960) visiting France about the 25kV overhead traction system and played an important role in the first Shinkansen, was closely associated with the Indian Railways in introducing the Rajdhani Express trains. While IR is still stuck at the 1964 determined 130 kmph restriction, the Japanese have already migrated to double the speed already. China, while being a newcomer to HSR, has very rapidly expanded its HSR system and has some of the most ambitious plans, by far, of any country for HSR expansion within the country and across the entire Asian continent. In contrast, the United States as a whole has only just recently, with the endorsement and backing of President Obama, begun an effort to develop HSR by allotting funds for the exploration, planning, and in some cases, building of regional HSR systems. Having said this, part of the current efforts to develop HSR includes funding projects, such the one in California, connecting Sacramento to L.A., which have been in the planning phases for some time REVIEW OF COUNTRY CONDITIONS WHER HSR IS IN OPEQARTION: In order to describe the economic, political and other conditions in the countries with HSR systems, the
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