Development Of The Model T And The Assembly Line Transform American Culture

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The question that I will answer is, How did Henry Ford and the development of the Model T and the assembly line transform American culture? Henry Ford was a extraordinary business man. He could arguably be viewed as one of the most important people of his time. Ford did not always succeed in business. His failures were his early business and early car models that could not run more than a few minutes. However, his luck turned around with the start of current day Ford Motor Company and the eventual Model T. Ford was always thinking and wanting to perfect his cars and business. With his hard work he started to develop the assembly line so that Ford could reach his goal of 1,000 cars a day. With all of these changes of developments in the…show more content…
Before than assembly line cars were being produced every 12 hours, with the new assembly line Ford was turning out cars every hour and a half. With the development of the assembly line Ford was able to produce cars faster than any other car company. This allowed Ford to maintain more than 50% of the automobile market share. Henry Ford was a extremely intelligent business man. Throughout his career he was always thinking of ways to improve his process to make costs cheaper and to produce the Model T quicker. Without this ideology Ford might not of been successful as he was. This was his life 's work and he wanted to perfect it. The quality of the Model T and assembly line where direct results of Ford always wanting to improve his work. He also surrounded himself with men who lived and breathed the same work he did. According to My Forty Years with Ford , "With this group, work was play. If it had not been play, it would have killed them. They were as men possessed. They often forgot to eat." (Sorensen ,Williams, 54) His accomplishments as a business man was because he loved his work. Henry Ford could have priced the Model T to attract wealthy buyers. He would of sold less cars but might have been able to make more money. Ford was not in the car business to make money but to improve transportation. The quality of roads and reliability of automobiles at that time were awful. Something needed to be done to fix these issues. Even some of Ford 's early

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