Development Theory And Walt Whitman Rostow's Theory Of Development

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Development is an abstract and subjective concept but the most popular definition of development is the betterment of human kind (Cowen et al., 1995). Walt Whitman Rostow in 1960 published a model which claimed that development in underdeveloped nations could occur in five basic steps: Traditional Society, Preconditions to Take-off, Take-off, Drive to Maturity, Age of High Mass Consumption. Due to Rostow’s fierce anti-communist beliefs, his definition of development resorted to capitalism (Juliet Jacobs, 2017). Eventually, the profound effect of his model made it the most conceivable interpretation of development to the world. For example, a farmer is satisfied with the security of his livelihood and family, the
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The main criteria to count as ODA is that it should promote development and welfare of developing countries as it principal aim. While one might argue that ODA is without any self-benefits in mind and is a waste of one’s country’s resources, ODA could also be seen as an investment that the developed countries make in the developing countries as they could benefit from it in the long term. Another reason why the ODA could be with self-interest is that a lot of problems that the developed nations lie elsewhere. Problems like disease pandemic, terrorism, migration, climate change, population control and allocation of resources could all be solved by the help of ODA.


The Gender and development approach questions the roles and relations of male and female in the society along with arguing against the socially constructed gender differences. Male bias is one such social difference that is so deeply rooted in our society that a disadvantaged person might not even realise but might be sharing their life with people who are advantaged by it (Elson, 2008[1995]). Male bias doesn’t relate to male policy-makers consciously planning agendas in favour of males but it is the bias that works in the favour of men and against women because of the structure and upbringing by the society. In fact, sometimes women themselves

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