Developmental Psychology and Stage Essay

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1. Jean Piaget’s Stage Theory of Cognitive Development: At what age do you feel you entered the stage of Formal Operational Thought? Explain the stage briefly and then focus on providing examples of ways your thinking has shifted to indicate you have developed into this stage of reasoning. (For instance, provide an example of how your views of justice or morality have shifted as you’ve matured.) I believe that I entered the Formal Operational Thought Stage when I was seventeen years old. I was a senior in high school preparing for life after graduation. It was during this time period that I began to formulate plans for my life after high school as well as learning how to think and act come to conclusions for myself. My mind state at…show more content…
While other children my age was outside playing and enjoying their youth I was taking on the role of my younger sibling’s mother. By the time I entered high school I had come to the realization that it was my responsibility and my responsibility only to take care of my little brother and sister. My mother showed no interest in getting help or accepting the fact that she had an addiction and my father had disappeared completely we only heard from him on an irregular basis. So instead of hanging out with my friends or doing tra curricular activities after school I would go straight home cook dinner and help my siblings with their homework all before doing my own homework. When I entered into my junior year in high school I joined the JROTC program which gave me a better understanding of the army. At seventeen I joined the IL Army National Guard. I honestly believe that if it weren’t for the things that happened prior to this stage in my life I wouldn’t have made the decision to join the Army. The events in this stage of my life taught me the true meaning of responsibility as well as what it means to be selfless. It helped me understand what my purpose in life was. I am who I am today because of the life lessons I learned during the phase in my life. I am an awesome mother wife and soldier because of the things I learned during that time period. 3. Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development: Considering the moral or ethical decisions that you have
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