Developmental Stages And Theories Of Development

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Developmental Stages and Theories

There are many areas in which an individual must develop to reach a mature level of adulthood. Several theories and ideas have been created in an attempt to describe the process that in which the individual passes to reach the desired levels of maturity. A few of those theories will be addressed in better understanding the development of Precious on a psychological and social plane. It can be assumed from observing Precious that she has been biologically developing normal as she is experiencing growth and hormonal changes and dealing with acne and obesity.
Erik Erikson, in seeking to understand and describe human development, developed a theory in the early 1900s. His theory progressed to assume that humans must deal with or cope with the conflicts of a certain stage of life before they can move on to a higher level of development (Ashford et al, 2013). He organized eight different stages of psychosocial development from infancy to old age. Each of the eight stages represents an internal conflict that will greatly define who and individual becomes and the choices they will make later in life based on their experiences within each stage. During the adolescent years, the conflict of interest in Erikson’s psychosocial theory deals with identity and identity confusion (Ashford et al, 2013). These years are crucial in developing a youth’s self-esteem. Young people are highly self-conscious. Their perceptions of self

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