Developments and Possiblilities of Solar Power

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Solar power has been around for many years. The very first silicon based photovoltaic was invented by Bell Labs back in 1954. At this time the cost per watt was high at $285 and in 2009 it dropped to a mere $3.00 per watt (Solar Tech USA, 2014). Solar energy dates back as far as the 2nd century with the Greeks and Romans starting fires through broken glass. Indirect benefits from solar have been used way back to even photosynthesis (Bengtson, 2012). Passive solar energy was used to heat building by using the design to capture the sun for heating and lighting. Moving into the 20th century major changes have accrued and there is now concentrating solar power technologies for centralized solar thermal plants (Bengtson, 2012). The public believes that solar is not yet ready to take charge and become a major source of power, yet some experts disagree. Solar power in the 21st century has magnified many possibilities for solar use. Photovoltaic has created a large economic benefit by reducing the cost of other resources as well as its own for example solar heated water heaters have cut the cost of gas and electricity (Bengtson, 2012). Germany is a great example of how solar is in huge demand and working well to serve the consumers. Germany has 5 times the solar power the United States is currently using although Germany does not get a great deal of sun (Brad Plumer, 2013). Germany is the world leader in solar power and with the use of other renewable source has subsidized
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