Devry University 's Strategy And Culture

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DeVry University is part of DeVry Education Group (DVG) and has been around since 1931, when the Institution of higher education first opened its doors. DeVry University, for more than 80 years has focused on providing hands-on education by preparing students to be innovative, keep up with the needs of the market, and to be a part of making a difference in the world. There are roughly 10,062 DeVry University employees ranging from Instructors, Professors, Student Finance Advisors, Admissions Advisors, Career Service Advisors, Registrars, Deans, Campus Presidents and many other positions to assist in the overall operations of the Institution. “The mission of DeVry University is to foster student learning through …show more content…

DeVry University prides themselves on offering excellent, state of the art educational experiences to their students, which enable them to meet both their career and educational goals and prepare them for careers in their field of study (DEVRY UNIVERSITY MISSION AND PURPOSES, n.d.).

OUR DEFINITION OF STRATEGIC STAFFING DeVry University continually changes its business and staffing processes to integrate Institutional mission and goals with long-term strategies in order to meet the market need and demand. DeVry University will constantly keep a constant eye on market trends and identifying educational changes that may be necessary in order to continue to strive for excellence in the classroom. By DeVry University integrating their mission and goals with their strategies, it will allow them to remain a competitive and profitable higher education institution. In order to remain the world’s most extraordinary learning organization, it is imperative that DeVry implement strategic staffing which includes recruiting, hiring, maintaining and retaining quality employees in order to meet current and future business plans and goals, while demonstrating the culture of CARE. This strategic process will require constant monitoring in order to ensure that business and student needs are being met at all times.
Human Resource aspects of DeVry University is one of its largest assets due to the substantial investment it takes to recruit, hire, train, and retain quality

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