Diabetes Culture

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The student will choose a culture or ethnicity and develop a written and oral presentation that addresses the required elements listed above. "We work tirelessly to reach communities throughout the United States to create awareness, prevent diabetes among at-risk populations, and ensure that all people with diabetes get the best care, treatment, and information about how to manage their diabetes " as stated by the American Diabetes Association ("Awareness Programs," n.d.).

They have divided their community outreach into different sectors by 3 distinct cultures and ethnicities: African American, Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. We choose to describe the initiatives directed at African Americans and to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. …show more content…

It requires the church send an Ambassador for training, who is then equipped to host modules for up to 25 members of the church for a 6-week period. Each workshop that the church ambassador will present is 1-1.5 hours long. That's nine hours of study per program. The titles for the modules are: "Diabetes Day", "Power Over Diabetes", "Fit and Faithful in Body and Soul", "Taste and See", "A Clean Heart", and "Train Up a Child" ("Awareness Programs," n.d.). The weakness, with this initiative, is the limits on how many people who can participate. Limiting the numbers of people, who are reached, only diminishes the strength of the program. It doesn't address the members of the community who don't go to church. Let's be honest, tacking on an extra hour to a Sunday service that is already 3 hours long already can be unappealing for a lot of folks. How does this translate into public …show more content…

For example, smoking in public places has been banned, why because enough people in the public supported it. On the contrary, taxing sugary drinks, the way cigarettes are taxed, has not picked up the same political support. Should the American Diabetes Association spend more money on commercials to help spread their message amongst African Americans? The national budget for the ADA is 132 million dollars annually, that can buy a lot of commercials. At this time, there isn't a particular health policy that has been made into law that will fight the obesity epidemic, which in turn will help curb the number of Type 2 diabetics. Until there is a public outcry against sugary drinks there will not be an effective health policy made ("Awareness Programs,"

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