Diabetes Mellitus : A Disease That Affects The Body System

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What is diabetes mellitus, and what action can I take to manage my Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that affects the body systems that include; nervous system, integumentary system, genitourinary system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, and endocrine system. In the Chinese traditions they see diabetes as having a yin deficiency or having an excessive amount of yang that is causing disharmony between the elements that provide nourishment to you spleen and pancreas. The medical and nutritional approach interconnects when investigating the individual cause of the increase susceptibility to diabetes mellitus. There are many factors that professional provide health promotion for diabetic individuals who do not understand the…show more content…
Eating a healthy diet can control the imbalances that occur with diabetes patients and by emphasizing the need of staying healthy can help others become more knowledgeable and try to eat healthy.
Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus Many peoples can be aware and can be unaware that they have a blood sugar imbalance and will no realize an acute affect takes place. This is because a person blood sugar goes to high or too low. Blood sugar that is extremely elevated makes a person feel sick because of the high blood sugar causing a person to act stuporous (drunk like), or ever go in to a diabetic coma. Blood pressure that is to low make a person feels lethargic, irritable, dizzy, and experiences increased urination and increased thirst due to the bodies mechanism in which makes the body thrive for a source of sugar.
Health Goals for Diabetes
This insulin deficient illness is becoming an epidemic all over the world, this is said to be because of the high fat diets and heavy meat diets that are influencing the onset of obesity to occur, which is make people eat foods that are making many individuals susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Education can help bring knowledge into peoples daily living habits and provide individuals with a sense of what a healthy diet is and what normal portions sizes pertain to. Eating every food group allows eat system to work together providing harmony to our organ systems
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